Saturday, November 5, 2011

6 weeks, 6 days

Yesterday I had waves of nausea off and on all day. I still haven't thrown up, but I have heaved a few times. I just refuse to give in and run to the toilet. I called my doctor's office yesterday and got my prescription for Zofran called in. Decided I didn't want to go the weekend without access to it. My esophagus feels bruised from a dry heave/pill swallowing incident I had a few days ago so I REALLY don't want to puke.

This morning, when I awoke and felt the first mild waves of nausea, I rolled over and took a Zofran and then stayed in bed another 30 minutes. This enabled me to get up and eat breakfast without fighting the nausea. Since then I've had a queasy moment or two but nothing major. Of course, I'm worrying if that's a bad sign. The first trimester is such a mental trial for me. *sigh*

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  1. I just want to say first Congrats on your new pregnancy and second to say thank you for posting this blog. For woman like us who have had a loss it can be hard talking to people who have not. I had three miscarriages before my son George,now 3 years, was born. A set of twins at 16 weeks was the hardest loss. Then we had Adrian ( now 2 years )followed by Gabriel ( 1 yr in just over a week ). Now we have again suffered a miscarriage. We have started trying again but it such a emotional roller-coaster. But knowing there are woman out there who are willing to talk about it leaves me with hope that someday I will too. So Thank You so much and I look forward to following your journey again...Good Luck & God bless! ♥