Sunday, April 12, 2009

Olives & Ice Cream?

Okay, not eaten together, don't panic. . .I think I'm at that weird "in between" point where the sickness is better, but still hanging around now and then. This means that some foods are tasting really good, but come back to bite me later. I hope today is not one of those days.

For the last three days, I can't seem to get enough green olives. I have eaten a whole jar and a half by myself (no one else in my house likes them). Then for the last four days, I've been dying for some strawberry ice cream. Hubby, GG and I went to Sam's Club yesterday for dog food, etc. and all they had was vanilla or Neopolitan flavors, so I bought the Neopolitan thinking the strawberry in there would suffice. NO WAY. The flavor was artificial and left a horrible after taste.

Today I think I went a little crazy. The stores are all closed for Easter and I really wanted that strawberry ice cream. I drove 10-12 miles to a Baskin Robbins to get some, then opened and ate some of my quart in the parking lot. I've also had a bowl since I got home and may still have more before bed. It tastes so delicious it's actually an emotional experience. I think I'm in the home stretch for the morning sickness. Hallelujah!!!!!


  1. LOL! When I was pregnant I ate a few of those huge jars of pickles AND about 10 jars of jalapeno and pepperchini peppers! It is the weirdest feeling to have uncontrollable cravings and you really don't care what other people think! haha.

  2. That's pretty funny. I felt a little conspicuous checking out with only a jar of olives at Walgreens, but still I did it! And they were DELICIOUS!!