Thursday, June 4, 2009

Update-20 weeks

Nothing new to report! I'm starting to feel her move a lot more now, but GG and hubby still can't feel it from the outside. I'm trying to get out sometime soon to get the paper pictures from the ultrasound scanned onto some kind of digital media so I can put them on here. GG and I tried to do it on Tuesday but the power was out at the store we went to. So other than being tired and having a minor "crowded" feeling in my chest, I'm feeling all right!!

I have this urge to shop that I can't seem to shake. It was this way when GG was in there, too, but because of the whole spider bite experience, I couldn't leave the house for that until the third trimester. We've already got her "take home" outfit and now we're on the prowl for a hospital picture one. We already have a TON of girl clothes left from GG, but wanted her to have a few things of her own.

I also FINALLY found an awesome diaper bag. I say finally because I've actually been looking ever since we decided to try again two years ago! I had one I loved with GG and I ruined it in the washing machine. I just haven't been able find one that big, yet cute, since. Until now! Yay for me.

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