Wednesday, May 27, 2009

18 weeks, 6 days. . .

And all is well. I feel huge already and I don't remember feeling this way when pregnant with GG. It already feels like my lungs are compressed and all my organs are sitting in my chest. I'm a little concerned because I know that can only get worse from here!

Our "big" ultrasound is scheduled for Friday at 1:30 and I'm so impatient! Two days seems like forever, but then I've already waited weeks. Crazy, huh? So, if Baby #2 cooperates and doesn't have a sudden attack of modesty, we should know if there's a boy or girl in there sometime Friday afternoon!! After I call all the folks on the list, I will definitely post here. For poor GG's sake (see previous post), I kinda hope it's a girl, but we'll be thrilled either way!

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