Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Modified Bedrest-33 weeks, 5 days

I've been neglecting to post here and for that I am sorry. A lot has been going on so I'll try to summarize.

All was going along as expected until last Wednesday. I woke up and noticed that my belly had "dropped" and was much lower than the day before. It was so obvious that one of my co-workers actually noticed it, too. As the day wore on, I developed more and more pelvic pressure (and pressure in other unmentionable regions) that was only relieved when I lay down once I got home that evening. Overnight, the pressure in the area of my cervix increased, even when I was lying down. The next day, I had some errands planned so I decided to get in to the doctor early in the day just to be checked and make sure it was just her change in position that was causing the pressure.

The doctor was not in so the nurse practitioner saw me. She checked me and immediately developed a look of concern. She said the baby's head was "right there" and I was 80% effaced and 2-3 cm dilated. Not what you want to hear at 33 weeks pregnant. They put me on a monitor for about half an hour but I wasn't really contracting. The NP then said she called my doctor and he wanted me to go to the hospital for more extensive monitoring. I asked if it was okay to first go home and shower (GG and I had basically rolled out of bed and gone in for an early appointment). They told me to go home, shower, and pack a bag because I could be there hours or days, depending on what they found. The NP said I would most likely be on complete bed rest until at least 36 weeks.

I left the office in a bit of a panic, not wanting this baby to come so early that she'd have to stay in NICU. I knew she'd survive and had an underlying peace that she'd be okay, but this was not how I wanted things to go! I called several friends and family members and asked them to start praying. Hubby met me at home and took GG to a friend's house for the evening and we packed a quick bag and went in to the labor and delivery unit at the hospital. They put me on the monitor. Baby's heartbeat was good and no contractions. We sat there for probably 2 hours while they watched her. They were confused as to why I was there because the NP had not called to tell them I was coming. The house doctor checked me and said she agreed that I was 80% effaced but that my cervix was high and posterior and maybe dilated only about half a cm. She hurt me badly trying to measure it. They sent me home on "regular" activities and I was told to keep my regular appointment with the doctor in the morning.

I left the hospital feeling very confused. I know it's possible that God closed my cervix and I am grateful for that, but the conflicting reports left me a bit baffled and annoyed. I went to see my OB the next morning. He said I was dilated an unknown amount and he wasn't going to hurt me to find out just how much. I was also effaced and he felt it was a bit early to see that progression. The final verdict was that I would go home with a modified activity level and come back the next week for further evaluation. Basically, no walking or standing (no grocery shopping, etc.) and I was to sit as much as possible to keep the pressure off my cervix. I was told I'm allowed to go to work (office job), but to drive there, go to my desk and get up only to use the restroom.

So-here I sit in my recliner. My wonderful hubby is waiting on me hand and foot. I've become a new fan of the TV series Lost because I can watch it on my computer, and it's given me time to catch up on my blogging. Just praying this little princess stays put a few more weeks. . .

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