Sunday, October 11, 2009

38 Weeks & Counting

I know. . .I know! Long time, no update. Basically we've been doing about the same so nothing really to report. I am 38 weeks, 3 days today and she's still in there! Apparently we were very convincing when we stopped premature progression at 33 weeks. I stayed on modified bedrest (just a lot of sitting but I still worked) until 36 weeks, then kind of took it easy till 37 weeks. Now I'm sort of wishing she would come. Well, not today, it's GG's birthday and I'd rather they not share that date, but soon.

As it stands, I'm scheduled for a repeat C-section on October 20th at 1:30 p.m. if she doesn't try and make an appearance before then. I'm back to my normal activities (and then some!) because I have this OCD urge to clean everything. I've had that urge for about 2 months now so even if it is "nesting" it's apparently a long term thing for me. So. . .we're just sitting tight, waiting to meet this little beauty. Big sis turned 5 today so it was a big day for her! My doctor agreed to let me off work starting this week so that's a huge relief. I'm not sleeping at night and at least now I can nap some during the day this week. I'll try and keep the blog updated but no promises!

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  1. Have been thinking about you for the last two months or so, since I posted last from my own miscarriage. I so hope everything went well and I can't wait to read an update. Recovery from c-sections is tough, though . . . I've had two, also. Take care. Wishing you God's blessings, always.