Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We had to wait 2 months after my miscarriage to start trying again. I have endometriosis, which blocks at least one of my fallopian tubes. Both were blocked, but in February 2008, I had a laparoscopy during which the right side opened. We've been trying for 4 months and this month, because I was so frustrated, I didn't really worry too much about exact timing or anything like that.

We have one beautiful daughter, who was conceived the first month we tried, and this secondary infertility has been very wearing for us. We tried for 10 months before we conceived the baby we lost, so it's been well over a year since we decided to add to our family. Infertility is like a constant reminder of my little one in heaven. My due date was February 2nd, 2009 and I had hoped to be pregnant again by then but it was not to be. . .

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