Friday, February 13, 2009


I had blood drawn at the doctor's office a little while ago. I will not go in to see him tomorrow. They told me they will run my HCG and have the results by Monday, then draw blood to run it again, and have the results back by Tuesday morning. I'm not sure if he'll attempt an ultrasound before I leave to go out of town. The medical assistant says he usually doesn't until at least 8 weeks. Maybe he'll be more cautious because of my history of tubal scarring? Not sure.

On a lighter note, the girls in my doctor's office seem to treat me with a lot more familiarity than before. The girl who drew my blood today, Jen, is the same one who attended me on the day I had the ultrasound that found the miscarriage. She was very sweet and kind to me then, and today, she was equally so. We agreed that we hope our next several encounters will be for pleasant reasons. I asked her about the antique ultrasound machine my doctor was using before, and to my relief, she said he got a new one! After she took my blood, she took me around to the other side of the office and showed it to me. It looks very high tech. I can't explain why this makes me feel so much better. The thought of seeing that old machine that helped deliver such awful news before was making me anxious. The human mind is a dark and twisty place.

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