Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Test is. . .Positive?

This is so ironic to me. The first month I didn't really give it as much thought. . .I'm pregnant? Late last week, I started having mild menstrual aching in my pelvic area and I was hoping I wasn't going to start early. My LMP was January 15th and I'm due to start on February 12th.

I have endometriosis and normally the week before my period, my abdominal pain starts to accelerate intensely, doubling me over by the week of my period. This month, my stomach stopped hurting about a week after my period ended and never started back. This was my first clue that something out of the ordinary was going on.

I went out on my lunch hour from work yesterday and bought an HPT, early detection (yesterday was cycle day 25-3 full days before I'm due to start) and I took it in the bathroom at work. I was sure I detected a faint line in the test area, and spent a lot of the afternoon pulling it out to look at it-over and over. I'm a compulsive tester with a touch of OCD.:-)

I brought the test home and showed it to my husband. He said he might see something but wasn't really sure. We should test again on Thursday if I didn't start. I heartily agreed and promised myself to save the second test in the box till Thursday morning.

Did I mention that I'm a compulsive tester? This morning, I had an extra 10 minutes on the way to my daughter's dance class, so I ran into Walgreens and picked up a digital test (you know, the kind that says "pregnant" or "not pregnant.") After my girl went into her class, I took the test into the bathroom at her dance school and did it. After what seemed like hours of the little hourglass turning, it came out . . .positive!! I was shocked and terrified. I called my hubby on my cell to tell him and he suggested I go ahead and make an appointment with the doctor.

I haven't made the appointment yet because honestly, I think I'm in denial. I'm excited and hopeful, but also scared and a little sad. I feel like half the battle (getting pregnant) is past but the other half (staying pregnant) is just beginning. I just feel so powerless. Other than the usual precautions (no caffeine, no hot tubs, etc.) there is nothing I can do to keep this baby safe. I hope and pray I make it through this.

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